Using Borrow with Confidence to Reassure Your Clients

Borrow with Confidence is a consumer education campaign launched in 2012 that is part of the association’s ongoing efforts to educate consumers about reverse mortgages and reassure them that when they work with a NRMLA member, they are working with someone they can trust.

A key component is the Pledge to Reverse Mortgage Borrowers, which all new members must sign, and existing members must sign annually as a requirement to remain a member in good standing. It is your commitment to clarity and integrity. You are encouraged to:

1) Hang a copy of the Pledge on your office wall;
2) Hand a copy of the Pledge to all potential borrowers;
3) Feature the Pledge on your website;
4) Acknowledge the Pledge in your marketing materials.

If you have signed the Pledge, you may request a copy of the Borrow with Confidence logo from Darryl Hicks, by emailing him at

We also offer printed materials, including Your Roadmap to Reverse Mortgages and Should Mom and Dad Get a Reverse Mortgage?, that members can purchase and distribute to clients.