Compliant Marketing Advisory

The NRMLA Standards and Ethics Committee reminds all members that they are responsible for ensuring that all advertisements comply with the Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility, regardless of whether the messaging is developed internally or through a third-party direct mail or lead generation company.

NRMLA staff has compiled a list of ethics advisories and news articles published in Reverse Mortgage magazine that provide examples of reverse mortgage advertising that must be avoided. We invite you to share this information with your colleagues and outside vendors.

The resource list includes:

If you see a non-compliant advertisement or observe inappropriate conduct by a reverse mortgage provider, either via direct contact or through one of your clients, please inform NRMLA immediately.

All ethics complaints are reviewed by NRMLA staff and by the Standards and Ethics Committee, which has the authority to impose penalties that include Probation, Suspension or Termination of membership.
More serious complaints are submitted to authorities, such as FHA, Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general, for further review and follow-up action.

All complaints must be submitted using the official complaint form. If you have any questions, please email Darryl Hicks, at