Gallup: Most U.S. Employed Adults Plan To Work Past Retirement Age

Nearly two-thirds of American workers say they plan to work past retirement age, but on a part-time basis, according to Gallup’s Economy and Personal Finance survey, conducted April 5-9. However, fewer Americans said they will work full-time and more of them said they will stop working altogether.

When the same survey was conducted in 2011, 18 percent of American workers said they planned to work full-time, compared to 11 percent who responded in April. Six years ago, 18 percent of employed Americans said they would stop working altogether, compared to 25 percent in the latest survey.

U.S. adults are split on when their “retirement age” actually will be, but the greatest percentage (39 percent) say they expect to retire after age 65, about the same as last year. Roughly one in four expect to retire at exactly age 65, while 29 percent believe they will retire before then.