NRMLA Webinar Featured in Squared Away Blog on Home Modifications

Published through the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, today’s Squared Away Blog post addressed the growing desire of aging Americans to upgrade their home environments so that they can age in place – and how a reverse mortgage can pay for these renovations.

In her article Retrofitting Your Home for Old Age, Squared Away writer Kim Blanton linked to NRMLA’s webinar,  Aging in an Age Friendly Home, that was coordinated with the American Society on Aging during Reverse Mortgage Education Week and featured design experts Louis Tenenbaum and Todd Brickhouse.

“NRMLA confirms that some loan originators report that the proceeds from federally insured reverse mortgages are being used for the purpose, though this is not widespread – yet,” wrote Blanton. “Many are, however, considering it: one in four older households in a 2014-2015 academic survey reported, after they had received reverse mortgage counseling, that they planned to use their funds to pay for home improvements.