Wealth Managers Forecast 2018 Trends

The growing popularity of health savings accounts (HSAs), increased consumer education around de-accumulation strategies, and nationally mandated retirement savings plans are just some of the issues that retirement experts are keeping a watchful eye on in 2018, according to WealthManagement.com contributing writer Ed McCarthy in his article,  2018 Outlook: Retirement Plan Trends to Watch.

“The rise of HSAs as retirement vehicles is an interesting development,” said Eric Endress, of CBIZ Retirement Plan Services. “This is a fairly untapped retirement savings strategy today; however, due to triple tax advantages and the rising cost of healthcare in retirement, these vehicles should become more widely used over time.”

George P. Fraser of Retirement Benefits Group commented that people know how to save for retirement, but lack education on to spend down their assets after they’ve stopped working, which he referred to as de-accumulation.  “In 2018, monthly income in retirement will be hugely important. Educating individuals about what their monthly income will be allows them to create a retirement budget,” said Fraser. “The ability to feasibly plan for day-to-day life psychologically allows people to conquer the fear of retirement.