NRMLA Comments on CFPB Consumer Complaint Reporting

In a comment letter submitted to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week, NRMLA questioned the Bureau’s legal authority to publish un-redacted consumer complaints on its web site and further noted that individuals and financial institutions regulated by the CFPB may be limited by privacy laws from responding to complaints in a public forum.

NRMLA submitted its comments in response to a Request for Information published by the CFPB on March 2 that sought feedback from interested parties on the usefulness of complaint reporting and analysis, as well as specific suggestions or best practices for complaint reporting.

NRMLA stated that, “While our members report that reviewing data in the Bureau’s complaint database can be useful and helpful, the manner in which the CFPB gathers and reports such information makes the overall consumer complaint process much more burdensome upon industry participants compared to the benefits of having the information available.”

While the Dodd-Frank Act authorized the CFPB to establish a toll-free telephone number, a web site and a database to collect, monitor and respond to consumer complaints, and then report such information to Congress and the President, “there is no mention of providing information on an un-redacted basis to the public,” said NRMLA.

The complete letter is posted to the NRMLA Comment Letters page on, where you can find NRMLA’s comment letters to federal agencies dating back to July 2016.​