Public Awareness Campaign Prioritizes Retirement Security

Public Awareness Campaign Prioritizes Retirement Security

The Bipartisan Policy Center and Edelman Financial Services, with support from 21 other organizations, launched a public awareness campaign this week called Funding Our Future to convince policymakers and consumers that retirement security should be a top priority.

The Funding Our Future coalition – which includes the Charles Schwab Foundation, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, MetLife, Orion and Prudential Financial, as well as academic institutions, like the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College – advocates increasing access to and participation in workplace retirement savings plans, reforming Social Security and transforming retirement savings into lifetime income.

Through public events, a website, an engaged membership, and partners with decades of experience in this area, the campaign will seek to impact the national discourse and increase the attention paid to the pressing issues of insufficient savings and financial vulnerability in retirement.

“Retirement policy is an area where there is nearly unanimous agreement on the need for action. Funding Our Future is poised to make this broad support clear to policymakers,” said Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center. “Washington must find concrete, actionable solutions to the financial challenges faced by the American public.”

In March, the Bipartisan Policy Center co-hosted the first-ever Housing Wealth in Retirement Symposium with the Funding Longevity Task Force and American College of Financial Services to share research and opinions on the role of home equity in retirement planning.