Celebrating Aging in Place Week, October 15-22

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You Need to Learn to Age

National Aging in Place Council celebrates annual Aging in Place Week October 15-22

WASHINGTON (October 15, 2018) – We learn to walk, we learn to read, we learn to drive, we try to learn about all aspects of life, but who teaches us to age?  As the mature population increases and the market responds, better support and more solutions to the issues of aging are available than ever before. But the market is ahead of its users.

This year in celebration of its annual Aging in Place Week, the National Aging in Place Council, a national educational organization comprised of in-home service providers throughout the country, is emphasizing Learning to Age.

In New York, NAIPC in collaboration with the Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare recently completed a pilot course to train Aging in Place Specialists. Thought-leaders from the New York area taught the class of 25 students housing options and home modification, in-home healthcare and caregiving, personal finance and benefits, transportation options and sustaining social engagement. Course graduates are now candidates to serve as resident service managers in senior housing, social workers in local hospitals or staff at aging agencies with a unique knowledge of the services available for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle as you age. NAIPC and Stony Brook are currently in the process of making the course available online to help train Aging in Place Specialists throughout the county.

In San Diego, the local Aging in Place Chapter has been teaching a course on “Successful Aging in Place,” which provides vital information, tools and options for older adults to help them live safely and independently as they age. The course consists of 11 monthly classes, which cover a master plan for aging, challenges, changing needs, nutrition, transportation, finances, universal design, healthcare options and social connectedness.

The course is currently being held in six senior center locations in and around San Diego and the chapter expects to expand further. Classes have consistently seen 20+ attendees and are still growing.

Research tells us 90 percent of older Americans prefer to remain in independent homes for as long as possible. In other NAIPC chapters in cities throughout the country, members have been presenting the services available that make aging independently in your home manageable to senior audiences and their adult children.

“We have spent the past year developing the tools to educate our older population and their families about better aging, as well as to train social workers and other aging advocates to provide that education,” says NAIPC Executive Director Marty Bell. “Our goal for this year is to spread the Aging in Place Specialist course and the Successful Aging in Place course to the cities where we currently have chapters, as well as to additional communities where we can bring those focused on providing aging services together.”

NAIPC will also celebrate the week with a webinar for its members on Tuesday, October 16 on “Engaging the Attention of the Older Adults in Your Community,” sharing successful strategies for building an audience of those who want to learn to age.

A complete event listing of Aging in Place Week events is posted on the NAIPC website.

The National Aging in Place Council is a 501[C](6) not-for-profit senior support network. NAIPC was founded on the belief that an overwhelming majority of older Americans want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, but lack awareness of home and community-based services that make independent living possible. Together we can create widespread awareness among America’s Seniors of the Aging-in-Place alternative and of the services available to them.

For more information contact NAIPC@ageinplace.org.