DAS Gisele Roget Leaving HUD

DAS Gisele Roget Leaving HUD

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing Gisele Roget announced her departure from the Department of Housing and Urban Development effective Friday, November 8, to take over as Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of External Relations at the National Credit Union Administration.

DAS Roget, a political appointee who joined HUD in July 2017, was directly responsible for managing the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program.

Roget sent an email to her colleagues at FHA earlier this week thanking them for their efforts in making significant changes to credit and origination policy for both the forward and reverse mortgage programs.

“We made substantive revisions to FHA’s annual lender certifications, loan certifications and Defect Taxonomy,” said Roget. “We have finalized the long-awaited Condominium Final Rule. Single Family Housing has also re-vamped loss mitigation policy for natural disasters.”

Members will have a chance to hear from Roget’s key HECM support staff at this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo, including Senior Advisor Josh Miller, PhD; Erica Jessup, Acting Home Valuation Policy Director for the Office of Single Family Program Development; and Kasey Watson, Program Director, Servicing Branch, National Servicing Center.