Reverse Mortgage Jan-Feb 2021

855.534.3718 Want to learn more? For more information on Platinum, contact an Account Executive today. 1 International Boulevard, Suite 900, Mahwah, NJ 07495 For industry professionals only – not intended for distribution to the general public. ©2020 Longbridge Financial, LLC. NMLS #957935 * State Exclusions Apply Stability You Need TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS At Longbridge Financial , we know the importance of having a reliable jumbo you can count on. That’s why Platinum is the private reverse mortgage that keeps moving forward, so you can keep growing your business. Platinum keeps going strong with these latest improvements: ✓ Increased LTVs ✓ Maximum proceeds increased to $4 million ✓ Minimum borrower age lowered to 60* Stay tuned for more key Platinum enhancements coming soon as we continue to build a better tomorrow with a sustainable home equity solution today .