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has done. Ultimately, the transaction was a success, and the couple moved to California to be near family. “You’re doing this work whether it’s a $2 million home or a $100,000 home,” Conrard says. “It’s the same. They’re people, and they need your assistance, and that’s what I’m committed to. People may think of this as a financial transaction, but these can be emotionally charged transactions because they are lifechanging. As a reverse mortgage professional, it’s important to listen and be sensitive to their needs.” As a member of the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation, Conrard remembers when planning for retirement meant accumulating savings that would provide income in later years. She remains a staunch advocate of working with financial planners, while she has seen acceptance and understanding of reverse mortgages grow. “Using home equity can help stabilize your finances and actually make your retirement funds last longer and make you more secure,” she says. “That’s why I’m so passionate about these mortgages and how they can assist people.” Conrard recently saw a transaction play out exactly as intended when it was originated ten years prior. A friend’s husband was dealing with dementia, and the friend was facing the loss of his pension at his death. The husband passed away recently, and the friend remains financially secure in a home the couple shared and that remains appropriate for aging in place. Earning and retaining a CRMP, with its continuing education requirements, “keeps you on your toes,” she says. “The credential equips reverse mortgage professionals with the tools to answer all questions and explore all options, which means that there are more avenues that people can pursue to suit their own circumstances. When consumers work with a CRMP, they can be assured that it’s someone who is committed to the profession and who acts with integrity and follows through.” As consumers become more comfortable with reverse mortgages, Conrard envisions younger people incorporating home equity into their financial plans. To meet growing demand, she believes that financial institutions will create more products to meet demand, offering an expanded array of proprietary products for people at different ages and in different circumstances. Outside of work, Conrard enjoys her “sleepy little beach town life,” practicing yoga and Pilates, walking along trails to the beach, gardening and taking care of her 14-year-old cat. The difference her career has made materializes in the people who have made financial security a platform for achieving their dreams. “I’ve helped a lot of people get more comfortable in their retirement and have more fun and reach their goals,” she says. “That’s basically what I do. I really like helping people. I’m a little bit of a rescuer, but that’s just my MO. This way, I get to do it professionally.” CRMP: Across the Kitchen Table CRMP: Across the Kitchen Table continued from page 15 16 REVERSE MORTGAGE / JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2022