News Coverage

In this section, we have provided links to some of the more favorable stories published in regional and national newspapers during the past year.

CNBC-April 21, 2017
Cash-strapped seniors: Weigh Reverse Mortgage Pros, Cons

CBS MoneyWatch-April 18, 2017
How boomers are adjusting to prospects of a frugal retirement

CBS MarketWatch-April 18, 2017
How to Save for Retirement When Politicians Keep Making It Harder

CNBC-April 17, 2017
Innovative Approaches to Protecting Retiree Portfolios

Today Show-March 23, 2017
How to Handle the Cost of Aging Parents: Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

Dallas Start Tribune-March 13, 2017
Can a reverse mortgage stabilize a wobbly retirement-income stool?

Forbes-February 21, 2017
Using Reverse Mortgages in a Responsible Retirement Income Plan

The Wall Street Journal-January 20, 2017
If You’re Behind on Retirement Savings, Here’s How to Catch Up

The Hill-January 17, 2017
The Real Story on Trump’s Treasury Pick and Reverse Mortgages

Kiplingler’s-November 2016
Why Reverse Mortgages Are Worth a Look

U.S. News and World Report-November 15, 2016
Could a Reverse Mortgage Save Your Retirement?

USA Today-October 24, 2016
How to tell if a reverse mortgage is right for you

Money-October 10, 2016
A Surprising Suggestion for Retirement Income

USA Today-October 5, 2016
For your retirement planning, count on living to age 95

Houston Chronicle-September 16, 2016
What reverse mortgage financial assessment means to you

Yahoo! Finance-September 14, 2016
How to prevent forced retirement from ruining your golden years

U.S. News and World Report-July 28, 2016
6 Facts to Know About Reverse Mortgages

New York Times-July 22, 2016
The Quiet Comeback of Reverse Mortgages

The Wall Street Journal-July 20, 2016
A Reverse Mortgage to Buy a Home? Here’s How 11, 2016
5 Ways Retirees Can Control Long-Term Care Costs

Chicago Tribune-July 5, 2016
Reverse mortgages have improved, but buyer still must beware

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report-July 2016
Reverse mortgages continue to evolve

U.S. News and World Report-June 29, 2016
Reverse mortgages Aren’t for Everyone

The Motley Fool-June 20, 2016
10 Ways You Can Get More Money in Retirement

New York Times-June 10, 2016
Getting a Reverse Mortgage, but Not From a Celebrity

NBC Nightly News-April 22, 2016
Could Getting a Reverse Mortgage Help You Save Money?

Journal of Financial Planning-April 2016
Incorporating Home Equity Into Your Retirement Income Strategy

Forbes-March 29, 2016
Improving Retirement Income Efficiency Using Reverse Mortgages

Realtor Magazine-March 28, 2016
Seniors See Their Home Equity Soar

The Wall Street Journal-March 20, 2016
New Math on Reverse Mortgages

Forbes-March 10, 2016
What You Need to Know About Paying Off a Reverse Mortgage