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In this section, we have provided links to some of the more favorable stories published in regional and national newspapers during the past year. 19, 2018
7 Ways To Use Your Home Equity For Retirement Income 11, 2018
Baby boomers are struggling to downsize — and it could create the next housing crisis 10, 2018
A decade after the financial crisis, this retirement dilemma still hasn’t been solved 1, 2018
Are Reverse Mortgages Unduly Risky?

U.S. News and World Report-August 20, 2018
6 Ways to Fix a Retirement Savings Shortfall

Morningstar-July 29, 2018
What Should You Do with Your Home Equity in Retirement?

NerdWallet-July 23, 2018
Managing debt in retirement takes some planning

USA Today-June 27, 2018
8 steps to building a better nest egg for your retirement years 15, 2018
Seniors Guide to Reverse Mortgages and Insurance

The Savvy Senior-May 15, 2018
What You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages 30, 2018
Researchers Say Reverse Mortgages Deserve a Second Look

ThinkAdvisor-March 29, 2018
Reverse Mortgages Could Be Next Hot Topic in Retirement Planning

The Baltimore Sun-March 9, 2018
Reverse Mortgages Have Their Place
(Letter to the Editor submitted by NRMLA President and CEO Peter Bell.)

The Washington Post-February 16, 2018
In divorces, a reverse mortgage could help resolve a big problem

U.S. News and World Report-January 18, 2018
How to Find the Best Reverse Mortgage Lender

GoBankingRates-January 8, 2018
15 Mistakes Even Smart People Make in Retirement

Advisor Perspectives-December 18, 2018
The CFPB Is Wrong About Reverse Mortgages 5, 2017
Forget ‘Location, Location, Location’ When Making Retirement Housing Decisions

The Resilient Advisor Podcast With Jay Coulter-November 29, 2017
How Sophisticated Advisors Incorporate Home Equity Into Retirement Planning With Professor Jamie Hopkins 7, 2017
Reverse mortgages: Opportunities and concerns