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Appraisal Logistics
Name: Dennis Ashcroft, Vice President, Sales
Phone: (866) 991-2574 x238

About the Business

This is no time for problems, but too many lenders are seeing them with their appraisal management software. AIM-Port solves them all.

There can be no greater need on the part of reverse mortgage borrowers than their health and safety, especially today. Older Americans continue to face higher COVID-19 risks. Reverse mortgage lenders are currently in need of a method for receiving higher quality valuations while keeping these older borrowers safe. But without the problems. We have the solution. 

AIM-Port is a single source solution developed to bring management and operations teams, technical tools and vendor partners together seamlessly. And now, it comes with Property Vision.

Property Vision, our non-contact interior inspection tool that allows borrowers to provide interior photos to appraisers, automatically collects geocoding information and other metadata to ensure that the photographs are of the subject property for compliant valuations. The technology is free to reverse mortgage lenders for a limited time. There is no app to download and consumers are provided with simple instructions that walk them through the process.

Appraisal Logistics is one of the nation’s leading providers of high quality appraisal management services, technology and compliance solutions. Caring about your borrowers in this very visible way is the best way to win more business.