SingleSource Property Solutions

Appraisal Services, Document Preparation, Loss Mitigation and Default Asset Management, Property Preservation, Title Insurance/Closing Services

SingleSource Property Solutions
Name: Brian Cullen
Phone: 866.620.7577

About the Business

SingleSource Property Solutions provides REO Asset Management, Valuations, Title, as well as Property Preservation services on a national scale.  SingleSource currently provides these services under contracts with some of the nation’s largest banks, loan servicing companies, financial services firms, and hedge funds.

  • Specific Reverse Mortgage Expertise: SingleSource has provided REO and Property Preservation services specifically for Reverse Mortgage accounts since 2010, and has been in default servicing since its inception in 2000.
  • SingleSource has customized its online portal specifically for Reverse clients.
  • SingleSource staff is trained in the complexities of Reverse Mortgage Default Servicing and understands the importance of deadline dates, HUD protocols, and claims filing.