Nov/Dec 2023 RMM

CRMP: Across the Kitchen Table Nan Glauser NAN GLAUSER ORIGINATES forward and reverse mortgages, but reverses are her favorite. She loves the moments when clients feel their financial worries ease, such as the widower who fretted about paying a $900 mortgage on a monthly income suddenly slashed to $1,500. “To see the relief on his face, knowing that the $900 payment was going away, was wonderful,” Glauser says. “It freed up the cash flow in his life. That’s why I keep Kleenex in my office. He was so thankful.” Glauser earned her CRMP in 2022, achieving a goal of demonstrating her mastery of reverse mortgages. In the ten years since discovering the field, she has seized the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of her clients through keen professionalism, mindfulness honed by yoga and a healthy sense of humor. Glauser is committed to a mortgage career in beautiful southern Utah, although she was born and raised in northern Utah. First, she was a stay-at-home mom for 25 years, raising her eight children. When her youngest was in kindergarten, her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and she joined him working in sales in the door and window business. After her husband died in 2006, she continued working in doors and windows until 2013, when one of her daughters suggested Glauser join her in mortgages. She had to be asked twice but decided to make the leap. She started as a processor but soon discovered the appeal of working directly with people. “I would get chills when I called them to say things like, ‘The settlement is scheduled,’” she says. “I love the collaboration part. I love working with the clients. Mortgages are quite creative. It’s taking the clients’ income, their situation and finding the best loan program for them.” Before long, her son-in-law, who was and still is part of the team with her daughter, suggested that she could be well suited to reverse mortgages. Potential clients, he said, seemed more comfortable sharing their lives and finances with her instead of a young loan officer. “Oftentimes, I relate with clients because I’m in their same age group,” Glauser says. “That’s very fun. I love listening to the stories. I love the associations. Many of us are good friends still.” In 2018, Glauser was thrilled when she and her team joined Sun American, a pioneer in originating reverse mortgages in the Southwest. “We know our stuff,” she says. “We have insight. We have a lot of experience. I know that my back-end team is a huge support for me, and it makes my clients’ experience so much smoother.” As Glauser found joy in originating reverse mortgages, she felt a need to become known as a specialist. A colleague in compliance mentioned that a CRMP CRMP Has Fun When Helping Others A Chat With Nan Glauser, CRMP, Loan Officer, Sun American Mortgage, Mesa, AZ By M. Diane McCormick 14 REVERSE MORTGAGE / NOVEMBER–DECEMBER 2023