Nov/Dec 2023 RMM

CRMP: Across the Kitchen Table projected that level of professionalism, and Glauser decided to go for it. “Any loan officer can be a reverse mortgage loan originator, but this gives you that extra level of knowledge and ethics,” she says. “CRMPs are known for their ethics and experience. I wanted to provide that for my clients.” She spent about five months studying, taking copious notes and saying key points out loud because “you just don’t know what you’re going to be asked.” Test day at the exam center gave her newfound empathy for her college-age kids, taking the test on a computer and getting teary-eyed when the “pass” message appeared on the screen. Glauser uses various methods to attract clients and spread the word about reverse mortgages. Approachable messages and videos on social media help demystify reverse mortgages for potential clients. She also conducts reverse mortgage classes for real estate agents and talks to divorce lawyers and financial planners. Sometimes, they tell Glauser they occasionally have someone who might benefit, but they haven’t known where to send them. Glauser even wraps pickle jars in labels printed with her contact info and the question, “Are your clients in a pickle?” Catchy marketing makes her top of mind when lawyers and financial planners need another tool to problem- solve their clients’ dilemmas. As one lawyer told her, “I love little dill pickles. I don’t have any reverse mortgage clients currently, but I’ll keep your card in my drawer.” Pickles are just one measure of the fun Glauser brings to her surroundings. Consider the Facebook video of her in a cow costume for Halloween. She first wore that costume because she and a daughter, who is an actress, decided to attend a cast party dressed as cows. She appeared in a son’s classroom dressed as a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day, starting a ten-year tradition of popping into the school on a surprise holiday dressed as Cupid, a turkey or whatever else the day called for. Amid the silliness, Glauser stays grounded by getting together with her children and 12 grandchildren whenever possible and by hiking in Utah’s breathtaking Red Rock region, including such favorite spots as nearby Zion National Park or the Pine Valley Mountains. In 2016, she turned her love for kundalini yoga into a teaching practice, introducing students to the art of conscious awareness. She has earned her 200-hour teacher certification and is pursuing her 500hour certification. “Yoga and meditation cause me to be centered, breathing deeply and coming back to the present moment,” she says. “That’s my favorite practice. It’s breathing and living in the moment.” The life-changing practice injects consciousness into every aspect of Glauser’s daily life, including her work with clients. “I love to listen to them and simply be with them,” she says. “It’s the contentment of being present. It helps me be calm in situations that may be difficult. You just come back, take a deep breath and say that it’s all going to work out.” Glauser’s role as an educator continues in her professional life. She tries to dispel myths about reverse mortgages and teaches appreciative real estate agents to avoid the missteps that can spike a reverse mortgage deal. “You don’t have to know the whole thing,” she tells them. “Here’s something in your back pocket so you can talk intelligently with your clients or be able to say I know someone who can help you.” She hopes to do more teaching and is writing content for online videos, perhaps destined for a dedicated YouTube channel. Many of her clients are former snowbirds who settle permanently in the warm and welcoming community of southern Utah. She sees herself as a connector, linking people not just with the most suitable mortgage product but with a good dentist or anything else they may need because they’re new in town. Licensed in Utah, Arizona and Nevada, she often works with clients over the phone and virtually. “I’ve sat at kitchen tables where a reverse mortgage just helps people with their monthly bills,” she says. “Not only that, but it can also be an investment strategy. It’s really worth it to me.” Sitting down to talk numbers with clients can be confusing, but she is there to explain each step, “and we do that together.” “I like bringing light and peace and love to their lives, along with homing in on the financial component, which is so vital for their everyday living,” Glauser says. “I try to make a difference and bring some light and the best outcomes and circumstances to all of my clients’ lives. That’s my hope.” REVERSE MORTGAGE / NOVEMBER–DECEMBER 2023 15