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Welcome to the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) web page.

One of our goals as an industry trade association is telling consumers with confidence, you can depend on a NRMLA member. Saying it is one thing; proving it is another. That is why NRMLA created the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) designation.

In every industry, there are individuals who strive to excel. They often do so by earning a credential that distinguishes them as being among the most knowledgeable, the most competent and the most ethical and professional.

They make a considerable investment in both time and personal income because they believe in themselves, they believe in the customers they serve, and they believe in the service or product they offer.

They want to distinguish themselves from the pack.

While hundreds of NRMLA members have accumulated continuing education credits, only 106 individuals have had the CRMP bestowed on them since June 2010. If you are interested in learning more about the CRMP, please consult the various documents provided on this page. Additional questions can be emailed to Darryl Hicks, Vice President of Communications at NRMLA, at

  • CRMP Candidate Handbook. Describes eligibility requirements, earning continuing education credits, annual recertification and exam preparation. (Updated 11/11/2015)
  • Code of Ethics.
  • CE Tracking Sheet. Use this tracking sheet to document courses you take through out the year. 
  • Exam Blue Print. Describes the areas of knowledge covered on the exam.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Independent Certification Committee. The ICC is the governing body that oversees the administration of the CRMP credential.
  • Online Course List. The following online courses have been approved for CRMP credits. You may submit these courses on the exam application, or for recertification.
  • CRMP Recertification Handbook. Describes the requirements for maintaining the designation once you earn it. (Updated 11/11/2015)
  • Roster of CRMPs. The following individuals have earned the designation and are listed on NRMLA’s consumer site,
  • Submitting CE Course for Review. If you completed a continuing education course that is not on the approved list, please follow these instructions for submitting the course to be reviewed by the Eligibility Committee.

There is no study guide for taking the CRMP exam. If you hope to pass the exam, you must possess a thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the HECM program. Below are links to various helpful Handbooks and Mortgagee Letters.