NRMLA Committees

NRMLA has a committee structure to respond more effectively to the growing number of issues being addressed by the association and to create more opportunities for members to become actively involved.

To learn more about any of the following committees, please contact NRMLA President Steve Irwin, at

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Chair – Erik Morin, Atlas VMS

Mission Statement: We at NRMLA are committed to strengthening the Reverse Mortgage Ecosystem by promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusionary practices. We are building awareness of issues that impact us all by accepting differences, sharing knowledge, and facilitating necessary discussions to help member organizations operate successfully and collaboratively. 

Education Committee

Chair – Jim Cory, Guild Mortgage and Chris Downey, The Federal Savings Bank

The Education Committee bolsters the educational foundation of reverse mortgage industry participants through curriculum development and exploring alternative delivery channels. 

Ethics Committee

Chair – Jim Cory, Guild Mortgage

There is probably no more important time than now to make ethics the highest priority for the industry. Any practice that does not put the customer first is not only bad business, it is harmful to the rest of the industry participants who “do the right thing.” Our members have asked us to play a strong role in this regard. The Ethics Committee enforces the Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility by evaluating ethics complaints, imposing enforcement actions and coordinating the issuance of advisory opinions.

Risk & Compliance Committee

Chair – Tina Meilinger, Allegiant Reverse Services 

Managing risk and understanding the evolving compliance landscape is top of mind for the management teams of our membership. The committee has tackled such issues as the implementation of New Hampshire House Bill 594, evaluating the compliance impacts of HECM program changes (including loan docs and borrower disclosures), drafting and submitting comments on HUD’s proposed Quality Loan Practices and discussing FTC guidance on identifying Red Flags and Identity Theft.

Independent Certification Committee (ICC)

Chair- Brett Kirkpatrick, The Federal Savings Bank

The ICC is charged with the development and implementation of policies and procedures to assure the operation and administration of the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) designation is executed in conformance with best certification practices. This committee provides oversight to the development and administration of a legally defensible, valid and reliable certification examination. It assures the item bank is sufficient and adequately maintained. The committee also provides oversight to the development of all program components including, but not limited to eligibility criteria, re-certification requirements, ethics and disciplinary procedures.

HMBS Issuer Committee

Chair – Mike McCully, New View Advisors LLC

The HMBS Issuer Committee has been very active for the past couple of years. The committee has considered the “True Sale” issue and was instrumental in presenting the case to HUD, GNMA and the SEC. The committee has also considered such issues as the 98% buy out requirements and the topic of platinum securities. The main objective for the committee in the coming year will be to engage in regular meetings with GNMA.

HUD Issues Committee

Chairs – Elly Johnson, All Reverse Pro, Sarah Young, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage

The HUD Issues Committee is a long-standing NRMLA committee that continues to dialogue with HUD on its most pressing issues. The committee has worked on HECM for Purchase underwriting issues, proper usage of ADP codes and issues related to Financial Assessment.

PR Committee

The PR Committee works with NRMLA on initiatives that improve the reverse mortgage borrower experience and closely monitors media coverage to ensure that reverse mortgages are accurately depicted. .  

State & Local Issues Committee

The State & Local Committee has been a fairly re-active committee engaging in legislation as it arises at the state level. The committee leadership is launching an initiative to engage members in more proactive outreach at the state level and will enable rapid response teams to engage at the state level should the need arise.

Servicing Committee

Chairs – Ryan LaRose, Celink, Gail Balettie, Celink

The Servicing Committee is another long-standing committee with an outstanding record of active engagement. The committee has spent most of the past year working on HERMIT implementation issues and due and payable issues. This committee’s presentation at the recent NRMLA conference was a stand-out session and the need for the committee to develop additional educational materials for the membership.