NRMLA Member Testimonials

Why do companies make the investment to join and become active in NRMLA? Here are a few reasons.

“Mutual of Omaha Mortgage has found that potential Reverse Mortgage clients who call off the NRMLA website are looking to work with a company whose loan officers possess integrity, knowledge and passion for the Reverse Mortgage product.

Joining the ranks of NRMLA will advance not only the product knowledge of your loan officers but also your ability to show potential clients and referral partners that you are in the upper echelon of lenders that they are dedicated to assisting our senior community to gain financial independence.”

MELINDA HIPP, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage


“I have been in the reverse mortgage industry before NRMLA was formed. We have faced numerous challenges over the years. I cannot imagine what our industry would be like without this organization. NRMLA acts and assists in public education, government/public affairs, and working closely with HUD on policy matters. By being a member, I have received far more benefits than the cost of membership. NRMLA provides the ability to associate and participate with other like-minded individuals who want the best for our industry. For NRMLA and its members to be successful become involved –be part of the team as strength is in numbers.”

DEAN JONES, Senior Funding Associates


“The benefits of joining NRMLA are numerous. I receive weekly alerts by email detailing all recent changes, information, and what is happening in our HECM world. I attend Annual Conferences and Regional Conferences for continuing education and networking. On the advocacy side, if it were not for NRMLA and all of its efforts, we would not have the HECM we have today.”

RANDY DAVIS, Dollar Bank