Loan Servicing

Name: Ryan LaRose
Phone: (517) 321-5491

About the Business

The nation’s leading subservicer of reverse mortgages for almost two decades, Celink is the subservicer of choice for the nation’s largest reverse mortgage lenders as well as new market entrants seeking to expand their operations into servicing and securitizations.

With operations in both Austin, TX and Lansing, MI, Celink is a Ginnie Mae (GNMA) approved Participation Agent and Subcontract Servicer for the GNMA HMBS program as well as a Moody’s approved servicer of reverse mortgages (“SQ2” rating). Celink’s innovative servicing platform, ReverseServ, is fully scalable and supports numerous proprietary reverse mortgage products in addition to the HUD HECM program.

Celink provides senior borrowers with the finest customer service available by utilizing an ethical approach that is sensitive to the needs of today’s senior population. Celink not only subscribes to the NRMLA Code of Ethics but also Celink’s own Code of Ethics. Many of Celink’s executives and servicing managers have been in the business for decades and have partnered closely with NRMLA to help nurture and grow the reverse mortgage program.