Loan Servicing

Name: Ryan LaRose
Phone: (517) 321-5491

About the Business

Celink is a Standard and Poor’s approved servicer of reverse mortgages with an “Above Average” ranking. Celink is also approved by Fannie Mae as well by Ginnie Mae as a Participation Agent and Subcontract Servicer for the Ginnie Mae HMBS program. Celink’s proprietary Java-based reverse mortgage servicing platform, ReverServ™, is fully scalable and will support its clients’ growth strategy for many years to come.

This servicing platform supports the FHA HECM, numerous proprietary reverse mortgage products, and now the Ginnie Mae HMBS program. Celink is the largest independent subservicer of reverse mortgage and its clients include regional to nationwide lenders, banks, and insurance companies.

Celink was the first company in the reverse mortgage industry to introduce its own Code of Ethics and Ryan LaRose, CEO of Celink, has been a tireless supporter of ethics in the reverse mortgage market. Celink’s reverse mortgage subservicing portfolio (most of which is private-labeled) recently exceeded $6 billion.