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About the Business

Founded by industry veterans Thomas Martignoni (previous founder of ReverseVision) and Denis Shchasnovich (previous CTO of ReverseVision) QuantumReverse is the next generation reverse mortgage origination platform.

Fully web-based, it is fast, flexible, and reliable. It offers more features and configurability than any other platform on the market, yet it feels light and is very easy to use.

QuantumReverse introduces modern concepts into the reverse mortgage industry, such as live dashboards, milestones, granular configuration with user rights, groups, in-application notifications, drill-down reports, and powerful compliance tools.

Additionally, a new proprietary document-generation platform significantly cuts down document-generation time and fully integrates with QuantumReverse’s document management features as well as the eSign process.

Built on the latest technology stack, QuantumReverse is an open, API-driven platform. Companies upgrading to QuantumReverse experience an immediate increase in productivity, saving hours on each loan throughout the origination process.