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Name: Wendy Peel
Phone: 858-433-4960

About the Business

ReverseVision, Inc. provides the leading software and technology for the reverse lending industry offering products and services focused exclusively on reverse mortgages. More reverse mortgages are originated monthly using ReverseVision’s SaaS solution, RV Exchange (RVX), than all other systems combined. ReverseVision has partnered with some of the finest and fastest growing lending organizations in the US to provide the leading reverse mortgage technology and solutions to brokers, principal/agents, correspondents, lenders and investors.

RVX also offers an integrated document generation engine. More reverse mortgage document packages are generated monthly using RVX than all other loan origination systems combined for good reason: ReverseVision backs its documents with a $10M errors and omissions policy, allows extensive doc package customization, and resolves document-related issues faster than the competition. Clients also have the ability to modify everything from the document order of a particular package down to the wording of specific disclosures. ReverseVision is also very proud of its unmatched document support response times. 97% of document-related cases are resolved within one business day, and most are resolved on the same day.