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Smartfi Home Loans
Name: Kim Smith
Phone: 858-500-0929

About the Business

Smartfi Home Loans is a national reverse mortgage wholesale lender with over 110 years of collective reverse mortgage experience. We partner with mortgage brokers and financial institutions, such as mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions, to bring secure reverse mortgage solutions to senior homeowners. We equip our partners with industry expertise, training, marketing support, and product and platform innovation. At Smartfi®, we offer FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgages and a proprietary jumbo reverse, Smartfi Choice. We also provide a concierge-style service, ROSS, that makes it easy for new partners to get started in the reverse space. ROSS requires no technology or infrastructure investment and provides extra support throughout the loan process from a dedicated ROSS specialist. To learn more about Smartfi Home Loans, our products and concierge service, and to become a partner, visit