Baseline Reverse

Baseline’s mission is to help the reverse mortgage universe grow by providing industry leading analytics and insight into the sector.  We compile, track, and report on the performance of every HECM, HMBS, and HREMIC ever created to make it easier to attract new investors to the space and to help lenders identify market opportunity. We further lever our … more Baseline Reverse

Clayton Holdings, LLC

Clayton Holdings LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), is a premier global provider of mortgage and real-estate market risk management solutions including risk-based analytics, residential loan due diligence, consulting, surveillance and staffing solutions. Clayton Consulting’s suite of advisory services are customized to the needs of our reverse mortgage clients and … more Clayton Holdings, LLC

New View Advisors LLC

New View Advisors LLC, located in New York City, provides capital markets, risk management, HMBS and HREMIC analytics, product development and strategic advisory services to the reverse mortgage industry. Our more than 50 years of combined experience in securitization, M&A, private equity, financial analysis, detailed cash flow modeling, and management, provide institutional clients access to … more New View Advisors LLC

Reverse Market Insight, Inc.

Reverse Market Insight operates the largest independent repository of loan level data on reverse mortgages in the US. We focus exclusively on the reverse mortgage industry, providing benchmark data for marketing, sales and HECM portfolio valuation. Our proprietary valuation models are relied upon by top lenders, servicers and investors for financial statements and acquisition/sale processes.