May-June 2019

In the May-June issue of Reverse Mortgage magazine, we attempt to look at ourselves and our process through the lens of our borrowers.

In two of our recurring features, we search for the magic words that make deals happen. In this month’s Borrower Chronicles, Jessica Hoefer speaks with consumers about the moments in which they made the leap in their minds from curious investigator to committed borrower. And in our CRMP: Across the Kitchen Table feature, staff writer Mark Olshaker talks with loan originators about observing their clients during that critical moment.

Craig Barnes of Reverse Mortgage Funding, who has spent years training loan originators and is a frequent presenter at NRMLA conferences, shares both research and experience of lender/ borrower conversations that provide evidence that less talk can bring you more closings. Whatever your level of experience, we hope this issue provides you with some fresh insight into the perceptions of the people you serve.

Download the issue.