January-February 2018 Issue

The January-February issue of NRMLA’s awarding-winning Reverse Mortgage magazine, appropriately the first of a new year, is devoted to some of the best ideas, approaches and strategies presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting & Expo in San Francisco. “Obstacles and setbacks are not holding us back,” wrote Editor Marty Bell in his introduction. “They are … more January-February 2018 Issue

November-December 2017 Issue

This year’s Annual Meeting issue is devoted to women in retirement. If women talk to each other differently than they talk to men or than we talk to each other, what does that mean for explaining reverse mortgages? Our product is, after all, an intimate one: it can require a discussion of personal finances, expectations, … more November-December 2017 Issue

September-October 2017 Issue

In the last issue of Reverse Mortgage Magazine, inspired by the 30th anniversary of the HECM program, staff writer Mark Olshaker interviewed a dozen industry pioneers and current leaders on how our industry got to where we are and where we are headed. For the September/October issue, Olshaker discussed the same topic with people outside … more September-October 2017 Issue

July-August 2017

Featured: Thirty years have passed since Wisconsin Democratic Senator William Proxmire sponsored the Housing & Community Development Act of 1987, which led to the creation of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage demonstration program. Significant anniversaries are always a time for reflection and so we thought the timing was appropriate to look at how we got to … more July-August 2017

May-June 2017

Featured: Staff writer Mark Olshaker interviews the children of reverse mortgage borrowers about their relationships with their parents and their roles in the origination process. Readers will also get a sneak peak of the Mortgage Industry Data Exchange and a new partnership between NRMLA and LexisNexis Risk Solutions that entitles members to a discounted enrollment in, … more May-June 2017

March-April 2017

Features: Ben Carson’s Life Lessons; The Evolution of the HECM; Inside HUD During a Transition; FHA’s Revised HECM Rules. Download the Full Issue

January-February 2017

Features: Creating a Better Borrower Experience; Addressing Borrower Behavior; Guiding Consumers; Reverse Mortgage Self-Evaluation; Retirement Security for Women.  Download the full Issue

November-December 2016

The November-December edition is a special issue devoted to The Costs of Aging Housing Health & Wellness Personal Finance Transportation Social Engagement Download the issue, or purchase hard copies.

September-October 2016

Features: High Rise Reverse Mortgages: What’s Up with Co-Ops and Condos?’ RMF; The Long and Winding Road; Borrower Chronicles: It Was Mom’s Idea Download Issue

July-August 2016

Features: Reverse Mortgage Mumbo Jumbo: Are We Communicating in a Language Customers Understand? Special Section: The Value of Vendors; Borrower Chronicles: A Financial Planner Who Needed Her Own HECM; My Job Just Got Harder: The New World of HECM Underwriting Download Issue