September-October 2017 Issue

In the last issue of Reverse Mortgage Magazine, inspired by the 30th anniversary of the HECM program, staff writer Mark Olshaker interviewed a dozen industry pioneers and current leaders on how our industry got to where we are and where we are headed. For the September/October issue, Olshaker discussed the same topic with people outside … more September-October 2017 Issue

July-August 2017

Featured: Thirty years have passed since Wisconsin Democratic Senator William Proxmire sponsored the Housing & Community Development Act of 1987, which led to the creation of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage demonstration program. Significant anniversaries are always a time for reflection and so we thought the timing was appropriate to look at how we got to … more July-August 2017

May-June 2017

Featured: Staff writer Mark Olshaker interviews the children of reverse mortgage borrowers about their relationships with their parents and their roles in the origination process. Readers will also get a sneak peak of the Mortgage Industry Data Exchange and a new partnership between NRMLA and LexisNexis Risk Solutions that entitles members to a discounted enrollment in, … more May-June 2017

March-April 2017

Features: Ben Carson’s Life Lessons; The Evolution of the HECM; Inside HUD During a Transition; FHA’s Revised HECM Rules. Download the Full Issue

January-February 2017

Features: Creating a Better Borrower Experience; Addressing Borrower Behavior; Guiding Consumers; Reverse Mortgage Self-Evaluation; Retirement Security for Women.  Download the full Issue

November-December 2016

The November-December edition is a special issue devoted to The Costs of Aging Housing Health & Wellness Personal Finance Transportation Social Engagement Download the issue, or purchase hard copies.

September-October 2016

Features: High Rise Reverse Mortgages: What’s Up with Co-Ops and Condos?’ RMF; The Long and Winding Road; Borrower Chronicles: It Was Mom’s Idea Download Issue

July-August 2016

Features: Reverse Mortgage Mumbo Jumbo: Are We Communicating in a Language Customers Understand? Special Section: The Value of Vendors; Borrower Chronicles: A Financial Planner Who Needed Her Own HECM; My Job Just Got Harder: The New World of HECM Underwriting Download Issue 

May-June 2016

Features: Talking to a New HECM Audience; HMBS Update: Ginnie Mae Promises Big Changes; and New Research: Equity Extraction Motivations Download Issue

March-April 2016

Features: New Research: Borrower Outcomes; Jamie Hopkins on Engaging Financial Planners; Why People Do Not Take Reverse Mortgages Download Issue