July-August 2016

Features: Reverse Mortgage Mumbo Jumbo: Are We Communicating in a Language Customers Understand? Special Section: The Value of Vendors; Borrower Chronicles: A Financial Planner Who Needed Her Own HECM; My … more July-August 2016

May-June 2016

Features: Talking to a New HECM Audience; HMBS Update: Ginnie Mae Promises Big Changes; and New Research: Equity Extraction Motivations Download Issue

March-April 2016

Features: New Research: Borrower Outcomes; Jamie Hopkins on Engaging Financial Planners; Why People Do Not Take Reverse Mortgages Download Issue

January-February 2016

Features: The World Wants to Emulate HECMs: A Revealing Conversation with Ed Szymanoski; Sneak Preview of New Research; Ushering Clients Through Loss Mitigation; The Human Side of Financial … more January-February 2016

November-December 2015

Features: 25 Ways to use Your Home Equity, which highlights strategies for using home equity to enhance retirement. The articles, authored by Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals, make a strong … more November-December 2015

September-October 2015

Features: The Alliance of Servicing: What Servicers Want Originators to Know and What Originators Want Servicers to Know; A Day in the Life of a Servicer; Searching for Clarity: NRMLA Approaches CFPB on HECM Advertising;

July-August 2015

Features: The Education of Reza Jahangiri and the Rise of American Advisors Group; First Interview with Principal DAS for Housing Edward Golding; The Business of Counseling; Welcome LESA

May-June 2015

Features: My HECM for Purchase Let Me Retire So Now I Paint; Consequences of Deceptive Advertising; Preparing Your Clients for FA; Reviewing Credit Reports

March-April 2015

Features: Preparing for Financial Assessment: Originators, Counselors and Servicers All Race for the Finish Line; Fear of FA: Tips for Implementation; Budget Brouhaha: Step by Step Through the Government Funding Process

January-February 2015

Features: 2014-The Year at NRMLA; Choosing Partners: The Wholesale Mating Dance; Costs: Forward Vs. Reverse; The Power of Your Own Brand