November-December 2021 Issue

Starting with this last edition of 2021 and the first issue of 2022, Reverse Mortgage magazine explores some topics that we hope you can use through the New Year and beyond to educate lingering skeptics of reverse mortgages.

Academics and professional financial planners increasingly accept that reverse mortgages are a viable tool that can help millions of Americans enjoy a better retirement. Yet doubters remain, often because they are too busy to truly understand how the products work or uninterested in learning because of bad publicity years ago. Increasingly, leaders in the industry put the onus on all of us to do a better job of changing such mindsets through two key virtues—patience and communication—that can be used to educate everyone about the true power of reverse mortgages to change lives. Looking in the mirror often isn’t easy because of the tendency to ignore flaws. Experts in this edition, as well as in January, offer advice and data that will give everyone confidence to proceed.