May-June 2020 Issue

Some of the more obvious sources of sales leads—financial planners and Realtors—always will offer sound referrals, and developing those relationships means getting involved in your communities through various … more May-June 2020 Issue

March-April 2020

Sales people always look for an edge, and sometimes that means learning about a topic that might seem foreign, at least at first. In this edition’s cover story, … more March-April 2020

July-August 2019

Today, more than 30 million families own condominiums. In many of the major metropolitan areas, it is the dominant housing option. While it can be difficult, if not … more July-August 2019

May-June 2019

In the May-June issue of Reverse Mortgage magazine, we attempt to look at ourselves and our process through the lens of our borrowers. In two of our recurring … more May-June 2019

March-April 2019

In our HECM HUD & Hill Book, beginning on page 15, staff writer Mark Olshaker provides you with thumbnail sketches of, and quotes from, the key influencers and … more March-April 2019

January-February 2019

Historically, the reverse mortgage industry has been primarily based on a single, government-backed product, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Yet as HUD’s ground rules for HECMs keep changing … more January-February 2019