January-February 2019

Historically, the reverse mortgage industry has been primarily based on a single, government-backed product, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Yet as HUD’s ground rules for HECMs keep changing … more January-February 2019

September-October 2018

To commemorate the end of the 20th year since NRMLA was organized, the September/October issue of Reverse Mortgage magazine, our Annual Meeting & Expo Issue, takes a comprehensive look back at … more September-October 2018

July-August 2018

The July/August issue of NRMLA’s award-winning publication, Reverse Mortgage magazine, addresses two significant developments – the emergence of a private sector reverse mortgage market, and Mutual of Omaha Bank’s entry … more July-August 2018

May-June 2018

Loan originators and business owners will find the May-June 2018 issue of NRMLA’s award-winning Reverse Mortgage magazine a helpful resource because it addresses two vital issues critical to … more May-June 2018

March-April 2018

Our cover story for this month’s issue of NRMLA’s awarding-winning Reverse Mortgage magazine, written by former Reverse Review editor Jessica Guerin, examines the reverse mortgage market in California. … more March-April 2018

January-February 2018

The January-February issue of NRMLA’s awarding-winning Reverse Mortgage magazine, appropriately the first of a new year, is devoted to some of the best ideas, approaches and strategies presented … more January-February 2018

July-August 2017

Featured: Thirty years have passed since Wisconsin Democratic Senator William Proxmire sponsored the Housing & Community Development Act of 1987, which led to the creation of the Home Equity … more July-August 2017