May-June 2024

In the last edition of Reverse Mortgage Magazine, we talked about the new HECM Handbook, which is now fully in effect. Some of the more notable updates involve the HECM for Purchase, which we explore in greater detail in the May-June issue.

Writer Joel Berg outlines how experts in this niche product see tremendous potential as we get deeper into 2024.

“The greatest thing about the HECM for Purchase is showing borrowers the ability to get what they want without being strapped with a monthly mortgage payment,” says Alison Calamia, CRMP, of America’s Mortgage Resource.

May is Older Americans Month, and we used the occasion to interview Martha Shedden, president and co-founder of the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA). She and her partner created the organization in 2017 after determining that specialists are needed to help people untangle the rules of claiming Social Security. Shedden discusses how the Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA) designation that her organization administers can be used by professionals — including reverse mortgage originators — to ensure that they advise consumers on making the best possible decisions for maximizing their Social Security benefits.