FHA Rescinds the Mandatory Use Date for FHA Catalyst’s Electronic Appraisal Delivery Module

FHA Rescinds the Mandatory Use Date for FHA Catalyst’s Electronic Appraisal Delivery Module

The Federal Housing Administration rescinded the mandatory use date for mortgagees to submit appraisals for single family Title II forward and reverse mortgage endorsements through the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module. FHA is also discontinuing the onboarding of new mortgagees and all activities related to integrating with FHA Catalyst: EAD Module.

Details were announced in Mortgagee Letter (ML) 2022-19.

FHA noted in FHA Info #22-97 that the modernization of its information technology remains a top priority, and FHA is dedicated to delivering the highest quality 21st century technology that best meets its business needs and the needs of program participants. To further this objective, FHA indicated in its September 15, 2022, FHA Info #22-81 that it was reassessing aspects of the development and implementation of the EAD Module on the FHA Catalyst platform. After thoroughly evaluating the current structure and capabilities of the module, FHA determined that the most effective technology solution for electronic appraisal submission is one that maintains an industry-aligned external EAD portal that interfaces with the FHA Catalyst platform for data storage, dissemination, and analysis.

The FHA Catalyst: EAD Module will remain available for:

  • initial appraisal submissions for all cases through March 17, 2023; and
  • resubmission of appraisals for cases previously submitted to the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module through October 14, 2023.

After October 14, 2023, the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module will no longer be available for appraisal submissions, and all appraisals must be submitted through FHA’s non-Catalyst, legacy EAD portal.


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