May-June 2014

Features: Preparing for Financial Assessment; How Financial Planners Think: The Reverse Mortgage As An Estate Preservation Tool; His and Hers Reverse Mortgages; Rolling With the Changes: A Trainer’s Perspective

March-April 2014

Features: The Value of Research-Separating Fact from Fiction; Evidence for a Better Retirement; The Data We Have, The Data We Need; How I Engaged Financial Planners

January-February 2014

Features: The New HECM; The Year at NRMLA; Now, How Do Your Sell It?; Here’s What’s Nu: Generation’s Website Aimes at the New Borrower

November-December 2013

Features: Heck and Fitzpatrick: Meet HECM Stabilization Sponsors, Extreme Summit: 300,000 Loans by 2018; Colin Cushman’s View From the Inside, What the HECM Changes Mean for You

September-October 2013

Features: Introducing the New Players–Walters Goes All In, Reverse Mortgage Funding: After 25 Years It Still Feels Like We’re Dating; Liberty: Rediscovering Our Brand and Identity

July-August 2013

Features: Making Aging in Place an American Priority; Attracting Capital-State Requirements; H4P-Winning Over Builders

May-June 2013

Features: Women in Reverse Mortgages-The Pioneers, The Thought Leaders; The Borrowers

March-April 2013

Features: Our Advocates-An Inside Look at Lobbying; The Borrower Chronicles-Why We’re in Reverse; Optimal Changes-HUD’s Charles Coulter Looks to Strengthen the MMI

January-February 2013

Features: A New Snapshot of Borrowers; Assessing a Lead Generator; Making Sure Your TPOs Are Compliance In Their Marketing

November-December 2012

Featuring: An Ode to Small Business; Ding Dong We’re Here: How to Prepare for a CFPB Audit; Opportunity Rocks: How to Penetrate the H4P Market